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By Liu X., Liang N.

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Our personal history in cockroach neuroscience, with a selection of landmark experiments performed over the past 25 years, nicely echoes the technological developments over this period in the field of (neuro)peptide research, an area of biology that gradually has become known as the Peptidomics domain. Having been bitten by the “research microbe” during the period of our zoology master’s INTRODUCTION 27 thesis in the field of comparative neurobiology [1], we embarked on the biological research of peptides.

Pachymedusa dacnicolor tryptophyllin-1 (PdT-1): structural characterization, pharmacological activity and cloning of precursor cDNA. Regul Pept 2004;117:25–32. 17. Chen T, Shaw C. Cloning of the (Thr6)-phyllokinin precursor from Phyllomedusa sauvagei skin confirms a non-consensus tyrosine O-sulfation motif. Peptides 2003;24:1123–1130. 18. Chen T, Tang L, Shaw C. Identification of three novel Phyllomedusa sauvagei dermaseptins (sVI–sVIII) by cloning from a skin secretion-derived cDNA library. Regul Pept 2003;116:147–154.

For example, near the carboxyl- and/or aminoterminal ends of the peptide sequence information is scarce but sufficient enough to predict the missing amino acid, purely on the basis of the high mass accuracy provided. 0804 indicates the presence of at least two amino acids. 8959 indicates the presence of a Pro or possibly an Asp residue, which are two amino acids known to give rise to these kinds of abundant fragment ions. 0804) by mere chance. 1526 is rather high (a potential mass error of more than 30 ppm, which is too high for this analysis).

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3-D Fracture propagation simulation and production prediction in coalbed (2) by Liu X., Liang N.

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