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Table 20. 0 Single-ended Input 000 ADC0 (PB5) 001 ADC1 (PB2) 010 ADC2 (PB3) 011 ADC3 (PB4) Positive Differential Input Negative Differential Input Gain N/A 100 (1) 101 (1) ADC2 (PB3) ADC2 (PB3) 1x ADC2 (PB3) ADC2 (PB3) 20x 110 ADC2 (PB3) ADC3 (PB4) 1x 111 ADC2 (PB3) ADC3 (PB4) 20x N/A Note: The ADC Control and Status Register – ADCSR 1. For offset calibration only. See “Operation” on page 42. Bit 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 $06 ADEN ADSC ADFR ADIF ADIE ADPS2 ADPS1 ADPS0 Read/Write R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W Initial Value 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ADCSR • Bit 7 – ADEN: ADC Enable Writing a logical “1” to this bit enables the ADC.

4. Any memory location can be verified by using the Read instruction, which returns the contents at the selected address at serial output PB2. 5. Power-off sequence: Set PB3 to “0”. Set PB5 to “0”. Turn VCC power off. When writing or reading serial data to the ATtiny15L, data is clocked on the eigth rising edge of the 16 external clock pulses needed to generate the internal clock. See Figure 31, Figure 32, and Table 26 for an explanation. Figure 31. High-voltage Serial Programming Waveforms SERIAL DATA INPUT PB0 MSB SERIAL INSTR.

When the SPIEN Fuse bit is programmed “0”, Low-voltage Serial Program and Data Downloading is enabled. Default value is programmed “0”. Unprogramming this fuse while in the Low-voltage Serial Programming mode will disable future In-System downloading attempts. • When the RSTDISBL Fuse is programmed “0”, the External Reset function of pin PB5 is disabled(1). Default value is unprogrammed “1”. Programming this fuse while in the Low-voltage Serial Programming mode will disable future In-System downloading attempts.

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