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This paintings via Bentley Layton is a newly revised, 3rd variation of the traditional reference grammar of Coptic within the classical Sahidic dialect. in comparison to the former version, A Coptic Grammar contains new additions and corrections, and keeps a whole index locorum of examples pointed out within the grammar. Citations are the spine of any reference grammar, and this index offers readers instant entry to a grammatical dialogue of approximately 3 thousand citations of classical Coptic. in particular noteworthy is the wide use of citations from the prestigious Coptic stylist Shenoute of Atripe.

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Why did their original centre play only a subordinate role in the enthronement rites and in the myth of the state, while the most important station of the coronation journey remained at Napata. Furthermore, the hypothesis of the origins of the royal dynasty of Kush in the Meroe region cannot explain the central role of Amûn of Napata, and not an Amûn of Meroe, worshipped at Meroe? 102 This would be a striking omission, if Meroë were in fact the ancestral seat of the royal line, dating back even to the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty.

While the Begrawiya West and South cemeteries did contain tombs which could be securely dated to the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty era, and also produced grave goods with royal kinship titles, the titles were not found in the tombs of Twenty-Fifth Dynasty date. ”75 The ushabtis may just as easily have derived from the decades immediately following Tanutamani, during the reigns of Atlanersa, Senkamanisken, Anlamani, or Aspelta. Consequently, the existence of a “King’s Wife” at Meroë cannot be established with certainty before the end of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty.

193c-d. Török’s suggestion that the “wife of King Tanwetamani” buried in BS 132 was “Queen Khensa” is difficult to explain, for Khensa’s name is known from several items in Ku. 4, including one inscribed with the name of Pi(ankh)y. See Török, Meroe City I, 16 n. 48; cf. Dunham, El Kurru, 30-37. ” See Török, Birth of an Ancient African Kingdom, 104. ” 76 Dunham, West and South Cemeteries at Meroe, 379-380 fig. 869, top of lunette, second col. from right), 398-399 fig. ; cf. Dunham, Nuri, 3. 16 chapter two lavishly provisioned with apparent Egyptian imports (esp.

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