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238 and in NIA 3, p. 240; TSTJJI, op. , p. g. ApSS. 6, 6, 10; 6, 8, 11 (cf. BSS. ; as to ApSS. 6, 5, 6 compare TB. ; AsvSS. 2, 2, 16 seems to be a magic formula. 40 41 See RENOTJ, Ecoles, p. 15. See D. GAASTBA, Bijdrage tot de kennis van het Vedische ritueel. JaiminiyasrautasUtra, Thesis Utrecht 1906, p. ); PABPOLA, S. L. , I, 1, p. 94. 42 See CALAND, Ahnenkult, p. 148; in BTLV 6, 1, p. 3; in Arch. Rel. 11, p. 129. 508 J. Gonda • The ritual sUtras any two works unknown to us from elsewhere can be explained on the assumption that both the works might have drawn upon the same floating tradition.

29 Notwithstanding the intimate relations between brdhmanas and Srautasutras it is neither possible to reconstruct an original srauta work ('Ursutra') from which all sutras extant have derived their contents nor to cherish the hope that a critical study of the texts that have been preserved will demonstrate the complete identity of the ritual described with that which is presupposed by the samhitds and brdhmanas. A comparison of the contents of the sutras and the corresponding brdhmanas shows that the former deal also with sacrificial rites which are not—or at least not adequately—commented upon in the latter.

22 As appears from the following table all of them deal with, the agnistoma etc. 25 22 (See WEBER, I. S. V (Berlin 1862), p. , ch. I) or prdksaumika (Yajn. 1, 124). Occasionally an explanation for a definite order is provided in a sutra work: ASvSS. 1, 1, 3 "We shall explain the sacrifices of full and new moon first because in these the framework (tantra, viz. of the unbloody and animal sacrifices) has been handed down"; cf. SSS. 1, 16, 1 "The sacrifices of full and new moon, which have been explained, are the model (prakrti) for the unbloody (isti) and animal sacrifices".

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