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By F. E. Peters

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Peters during this ebook offers an summary of Islam in keeping with Islamic assets. He describes the faith, ideals and ideas. He offers quotations from Islamic thinkers. occasionally he contains his perspectives. He doesn't separate if the resources are trustworthy or not.Areas coated, start of Prophet(SA), enlargement of Islam, Islamic sciences, islamic thinkers, Islamic Theology, Hadith technological know-how, Sufism.There are definitely a few statements which are disputed by way of others however it isn't really Newton's Physics in order that all get a similar effects. i wouldn't take the booklet as an absolute resource booklet yet quite as a refernce aspect to aid to make up ones brain and visit the referenced resources at once. booklet has massive references for comparability or see the quotations in content material. it isn't written from the purpose of a Sufi who has trust in Islam yet relatively as a Theology.

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He said: So Abraham climbed onto the stone [= maqam] and looked out from it. He became (as high as) the highest mountain. The entire earth was gathered for him on that day: the mountains and plains, the land and the sea, the humans and the jinns so that everything heard him. He said: He stuck a finger in each ear and turned to face the south, the north, the east, and the west, and he began with the southern side. He said: “O you people! ” He said: The stones were as they were today except that God desired to make the stone [= maqam] a sign, so his footprint remained on that stone to this day.

Many say that this may be nothing more than a figure that God has oVered to His creatures to inhibit their demanding (divine) signs from the prophets of God. . In our view, however, the correct interpretation is as follows: God (actually) sent down the table to those who asked Jesus to request it from his Lord. We hold this because of the information we have received on this point from the Messenger of God, his companions, and after them the exegetes. . Furthermore, God breaks no promise, and there will not be any contradiction in what He announces.

A Muslim Account of Pentecost As with the case of the later history of the Jews, the Quran displays no interest in the Jesus movement or generally what happened to the Christians after the disappearance of Jesus. But just as happened with the Jews, there were converts to Islam to instruct the Muslims, as here, for example, on the subject of Pentecost. Wahb [an early convert to Islam] and others among the People of the Book say that when God raised Jesus, on whom be peace, to Himself, he remained in heaven seven days.

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