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By Stephani Hecht

ISBN-10: 1554877458

ISBN-13: 9781554877454

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Even after he’d been rescued and taken into the fold of the feline coalition, the Raven continued to try and get Noah back. Last Noah heard, the bounty for his recapture had reached six figures. “They can’t have you. Not when I’ve almost gotten used to listening to you yammering all the time,” Andrew growled as he moved around to stand in front of Keegan and Noah. The Ravens stopped when they were a few feet away from the felines. Andrew’s hands were limp by his sides, but the tense way he held his body let Noah know that he was ready to spring into action.

He did earn a wink from a passing man though. Not that he had any interest in flirting back since Noah was madly in love and happily mated with Seth, one hell of a sexy Tiger shifter. “Not even I’m twisted enough to try and give Santa a lap dance,” Noah protested. Before Seth, he did like to play around, but now nobody could tempt him to stray, even a guy in a red suit. “If you sit on Santa’s lap, I’ll take a picture and post it on your Facebook page. You can use it to replace the profile picture of you dressed in all leather and doing obscene things to that teddy bear,” the third member of their litter, Keegan, teased as he came up and fell in step with Noah.

Noah gave a sly smile as he ran his tongue over his lips. ” Seth had discovered a voyeuristic side to him when it came to Noah. The younger shifter brought out a whole new daring part of Seth that he’d never tapped into before. Just the other day, Brent had stumbled across the pair of them going at it in one of the compound’s storerooms. Seth wouldn’t ever be able to forget the look of pure shock that’d passed over the smartass Jaguar’s face. Noah wore a dark blue shirt that buttoned down the front.

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