A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts - download pdf or read online

By A. James Powell (auth.), A. J. Powell (eds.)

ISBN-10: 940105052X

ISBN-13: 9789401050524

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G. g,c ;;;. Q. 2'. ~n ~. I ~ ... 0 .. ~~ . & Hystrichodinium pulchrum Muderongia sp. A of Davey (1979) Rotosphaeropsis thula Kleithriasphaeridium porosispinum Egmontodinium expiratum Leptodinium deflandrei rribroperidinium sp. A of Davey (79 Gochteodinia mutabilis Egmontodinium torynum Dichadogonyaulox? pannea Perisseiasphaeridium pannosum Sublilisphaera? inaffecta Sublilisphaera? paemi1Wsa Systematophora daveyi Oligosphaeridium patulum Cribroperidinium longicorne Se1Wniasphaera jUTassica Egmonlodinium polyp/acophorum Cyclonephe/ium hystrix Tubotuberella apatela Systematophora areolata GYp.

1 0"," ~ ~ i ~ " D. ~ . 1. ~ .... ;;- c.. ~ c.. ::I ;. c.. l if ri - -- - - --- -- ---- Cse (a) c '" I g - . 0 " ;. 15 ~- - - sa.. ::I g. ':-'c:: ~g, ~ c.. \O~ -. c~ ::t:~. , . ~ SiN ::c 8. '"02. -. -.. Late Endoscrinium asymmetricum EllipsoidictyumiValensiella spp. Ctenidodinium sellwoodii DiacanJhum? jilapicatum Ctenidodinium conJinuum Ctenidodinium combaz;i Cleistosphaeridium polytrichum Grp. Chytroeisphaeridia chytroeides Aldorjia aldorfensis Rhynchodiniopsis'! regalis Nannoceratopsis gracilis Valvaeodinium spinosum Gongylodinium erymnoteichos Nannoceratopsis spiculata Leptodinium cf.

Sub-biozone b Age. Late Bajocian, Subfurcatum to Parkinsoni Ammonite Zones. Definition. The interval between the LADs of Durotrigia daveyi and Mancodinium semitabulatum, to the LAD of Acanthaulax crispa (Figs. 9). Ctenidodinium sellwoodii (Cse) Interval Biozone Age. Bathonian to early Callovian, Zigzag to Herveyi Ammonite Zones. Definition. The interval between the LAD of Acanthaulax crispa, and the LADs of Aldorfia aldorfensis and Ctenidodinium combazii (Figs. 11). Characteristics. , dominant.

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