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They will be necessary. Stick rigidly to these two basic rules and you will not only live 18 A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR COLLEGE MANAGERS & LEADERS longer and enjoy your life more but also, surprisingly perhaps, you'll be far more effective in your job. Thirdly, know your own body clock and when you do things best. Most people have good times and not so good times in their daily cycle. You may well find that in the morning, say from 8 am until 11 am, you are at your best. After lunch, there may be a bit of a lull and you may start to come alive again in the evening.

The demise of the FEFC and the rise of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) - a planning and funding body - have changed these rules. Today colleges are meant to concentrate on what they are good at, playing a role as key providers in a collaborative environment whose overall comprehensiveness and coherence is the responsibility of the LSC. Missions can therefore be refined and colleges more focused, without the need for pangs of conscience or even guilt that not every local education and training issue is being addressed.

You need to know what you need to know! Never be afraid to ask for advice and remember that there are experienced colleagues both internally and externally throughout the sector who will be more than willing to act as a mentor or a sounding board for the more difficult issues and problems that you may face. No one can be expected to know everything or to do the job perfectly from day one. And finally, finish late! Even though you will find that early mornings and late nights are not necessary to do the job, they ENTERING THE FRAY 15 are probably necessary in the very beginning, and occasionally and randomly thereafter to demonstrate your commitment to the organization.

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