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AB119: Manifesto for global Revolution, half 2
(May/June 2015)

Adbusters #119 is our moment 160-page bombshell and the second one bankruptcy in our Manifesto for global Revolution sequence. right here, we holiday the shackles that experience held again the environmental move for much too long.

In half 2, we make a journey to a water quandary in a single of the world’s megacities, learn a destiny with no Homo Sapiens and delve into capacity and purposes for resistance. What occurs if we fail to behave now?

Award-winning essayist and writer Charles C. Mann explores the kingdom of our species.
student Bron Taylor asks: Do the ends justify the means?
John Michael Greer formulates a brand new future.
Clive Hamilton considers desires of escape.
Is there whatever left of yank democracy?
We take the 1st steps within the #BillionPeopleMarch.

In this sequence we’re blurring the road among suggestion and strive against. We’re preparing for #worldrevolution: leaders needs to deliver us a weather accord now, in any other case … face worldwide innovative fervor.

Come alongside for the trip.

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If it is a mystery, it is hidden in plain sight, or else it is the mystery of human consciousness itself: that is, how it should be that, although a finite creature, man can intimate the infinite. Can the mind somehow entertain an idea (the infinite) that it really has no room for? This is the new mystery: not the unfathomable heavens but the riddle of man facing the heavens.

Preempting decomposition was a way of beating death to the mark: to humanize death before nature had its awful way with the body. The three-millennium-long tradition of apothecary burial rites, like the ceremony of the Opening of the Mouth, suggests the prospect of a rather domestic, physical afterlife. And where death promised ever more of the same, the same smacked ever more of death. A considerable share of life’s activities went to planning death—the only sort of life insurance that mattered to the pharaoh or priest or plenipotentiary, who, not uncommonly, began drawing plans for his tomb whilst still a teen.

37 Mortals cannot see or imagine the incomparable Aten. This limitation effected a profound change in the very shape of reality, which became open-ended, sublime, god-ward. The temples built by Akhenaten in his new sun-capital Amarna were notably roofless: no longer did the cult concentrate on chanting mortuary rites in underground vaults; prayers were now sent forth up to the unbounded sky, to uncontainable nature itself. With the cult of Aten, an ecstatic gulf began to yawn between god and humans.

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