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By Vinod Kumar, Polyakova Marina

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ISBN-13: 9783038351795

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Table 2. 47 963 Originally, produced water have low concentration of BOD5. 08 mg/L. This value is significant as normally produced water itself contains toxic materials and dispersed oil which may retard the growth of some microorganisms. (Hammer, 1975) explains that some wastes contain chemicals capable of suppressing microbiological growth or activity. Potential sources include industrial wastes, antibiotics in pharmaceutical or medical wastes, sanitizers in food processing or commercial cleaning facilities, chlorination disinfection used following conventional sewage treatment, and odor-control formulations used in sanitary waste holding tanks in passenger vehicles or portable toilets [6].

B. Salieb-Beugelaar, and A. : IEEE, 978-1-4244-4193-8/09/2009. L. T. Jan Eijkel and A. : Sensors and Actuators B 121 (2007) pp. 263-276. C. C. Hsu: Applied Surface Science, Volume 258, Issue 10, (2012), pp. 4513-4522. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. cn Keywords: stamping, surface damage, dual-phase steel, bending with tension Abstract. In this study, a U-channel bending test with tension were used to evaluate the surface damage resistance of dual-phase (DP) steel against heat treated Mo-Cr cast iron, and a numerical simulation model of the U-channel bending were developed to analyze the interface contact pressure on formed part that is an important influencing factor of surface damage.

25 (2009). p. 389 M. P. Pereira, W. Yan, B. F. 265 (2008), p. 1687 X. Z. Wang, S. H. Masood: Materials & Design Vol. 32 (2011), p. 1118 Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. kr Keywords: TMF(Thermo Mechanical Fatigue), IP(In-Phase), OP(Out-of-Phase), Superalloy, IN738LC Abstract. A gas turbine blade operates under severe conditions including high temperature, high speed rotation, and frequent starts and shutdowns. Under such operating conditions, a blade is exposed to a thermo mechanical fatigue environment.

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