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Delve into the various varied reasons of mind issues: actual harm, bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, and start defects.

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For these reasons, partial seizures are often confused with psychosis, narcolepsy, and/or migraine headache, all of which can also be associated with changes in personality and dream-like states. In general, partial seizures occur in just one part of the brain. The consequences of simple partial seizures depend on the area of brain undergoing seizure activity. Typically, the individual remains conscious, but experiences strange sensations such as twitching, numbness, hearing or visual disturbances, feelings of déjà vu or familiarity, or sudden strong emotions, such as happiness, sadness, sickness, or elation.

The local neuronal network then communicates the inappropriate bursting pattern to networks to which it is connected, and thus the seizure spreads. Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy The symptoms or types of seizures are determined by which areas of the brain are firing abnormally. For some reason, certain regions are more susceptible to seizure activity, perhaps because these areas have a higher sensitivity to input, greater Reflex Epilepsy Reflex epilepsy is a rare form of epileptic seizure triggered by external stimulation or sometimes even by specific types of thoughts or mental activity.

During a seizure, rapidly firing neurons undergo extreme metabolic demands. After these neurons turn off as they “tire out,” the person may lose consciousness. It is not known if this is a natural response of the brain to shut down abnormal activity, or if the abnormal activity itself shuts down neurons. 1). Currently, there are more than 40 types of seizures that are classified mainly based on whether or not there is a loss of consciousness. The two major categories are generalized and partial seizures, and under each of these categories are many other types of seizures.

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