Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān, Vol 5 (Si-Z) by President Jane Dammen McAuliffe PDF

By President Jane Dammen McAuliffe

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The Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān on-line comprises the whole articles of the broadcast volumes 1 to five, the indices should be extra as they turn into available.


good points alphabetical entries with the booklet of quantity Five. Read more...

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A fourth volume was added about his successors, the caliphs. Ibn Is āq did not s ra and the qur n merely collect materials, like his predecessors; he composed a work with a structure, sometimes chronological, sometimes arranged by subject matter. Apparently there was only one copy of his work, and it was held in the court library in Baghdād. Ibn Is āq continued “publishing” from it by dictating parts to his pupils, who wrote them down verbatim. Large parts of the book, especially of the first three parts, have been handed down to us in the dictations and extracts of his pupils, and in the works of later compilers who edited these.

K. , Towards understanding the Qur ān, trans. I. Ansari, 7 vols. , Beirut 2000; S. Schmidtke, A Mu tazilite creed of az-Zamakhsharī (d. , Ta rīkh, ed. vv. -th-m, - -y, dh-n-b, f- -sh, k-b-r, kh- -a; Zamakhsharī, Kashshāf. Secondary: S. M. BarAsher, Scripture and exegesis in early Imāmī Shiism, Leiden 1999; M. W. Gardner, The qur anic doctrine of sin, Madras 1914; Izutsu, Concepts; B. Johansen, Contingency in a sacred law. Legal and ethical norms in the Muslim fiqh, Leiden 1999; W. Madelung, Early Sunnī doctrine concerning faith as reflected in the Kitāb al-Īmān of Abū Ubayd al-Qāsim b.

Unlike many a medieval commentator, detailed catalogs or relative rankings of major and minor sins are matters far less pressing than are the implications of this overarching orientation. Muhammad Qasim Zaman Bibliography Primary: Abū Dāwūd, Sunan; al-Ash arī, Abū l- asan Alī b. Ismā īl, Maqālāt al-islāmiyyīn, ed. H. Ritter, Wiesbaden 1980; Bukhārī, a ī ; P. Crone and F. Zimmermann, The epistle of Sālim ibn Dhakwān, Oxford 2001; Dāmaghānī, Wujūh, ed. Zafītī; Dhahabī, Shams al-Dīn Mu ammad b. E.

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