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By John Walbridge

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This publication investigates the crucial function of cause in Islamic highbrow existence. regardless of frequent characterization of Islam as a procedure of trust dependent in basic terms on revelation, John Walbridge argues that rational tools, now not fundamentalism, have characterised Islamic legislations, philosophy, and schooling because the medieval interval. His examine demonstrates that this medieval Islamic rational culture was once adversarial by means of either modernists and fundamentalists, leading to a basic cave in of conventional Islamic highbrow lifestyles and its substitute by way of extra sleek yet some distance shallower sorts of suggestion. notwithstanding, the assets of this Islamic scholarly culture stay a vital part of the Islamic highbrow culture and should end up important to its revival. the way forward for Islam, Walbridge argues, might be marked by way of a go back to rationalism.

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Kit¯ab Ma‘rifat Anw¯a‘ ‘Ilm al-H . ad¯ıth, commonly known as al-Muqaddima, ed. r ¯ as ‘Ul¯um al-H ‘Abd . ad¯ıth (Damascus: al-Maktaba al-‘Ilm¯ıya, 1387/1966) and ed. al¯ah. til¯ah. ; Cairo: D¯ar al-Ma‘¯arif, 1989); trans. Eerick Dickinson, rev. Muneer Fareed, as An Introduction to the Science of the H . , 2006). 10; trans. Franz Rosenthal, vol. 2, pp. 447–63, and Muhammad ibn ‘Abd All¯ah al-H . a¯ kim al-N¯ıs¯ab¯ur¯ı, al-Madkhal il¯a Ma‘rifat al-Ikl¯ıl, trans. James Robson as An Introduction to the Science of Tradition (London, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 1953).

Ikam, ed. A. A. ‘Af¯ıf¯ı (Beirut: D¯ar al-Kit¯ab al-‘Arab¯ı, 1946), p. 53; trans. R. W. J. Austin, The Bezels of Wisdom (Classics of Western Spirituality; New York: Paulist Press, 1980), p. 54. EMPIRICAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE MIND OF GOD 39 of historical accounts. We may judge the plausibility of an account in relation to other accounts of the same or similar events. 8 We can weigh evidence for and against an account. Modern historiography uses such techniques to evaluate the claims for various kinds of historical data.

By the time of the Roman Empire, those spiritual needs were increasingly met by a variety of international cults, mostly of Oriental origin, of which only Christianity need concern us. Christianity was a religion of doctrine, its early history rent with disputes about the nature of Christ and the Godhead. The doctrinal assertiveness of Christianity put it into collision with the philosophers, their chief rivals in the business of explaining the universe. Christians quickly learned to cast their theology in philosophical terms – indeed, they learned to do so from the pagan philosophers who so often were their teachers.

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