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By Keith Laumer

ISBN-10: 0671721844

ISBN-13: 9780671721848

Chronicles the historical past of the BOLO, a futuristic man-made desktop that symbolizes brute strength, defiance, and inflexible will and is accountable for protecting humanity opposed to an invading alien crew.

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Html through the high mountains that separated the invaders from their intended victims. The Bolos would have been enough to stop them cold, with minimal casualties to the CANS. Fife emerged from the command center shaking his head, unwilling to believe that Wilson was foolish enough to ignore the advantage those Mark XXs offered. “I suppose you think we’re all hopeless,” Durant said with a half smile. He hadn’t realized she had stopped to wait for him outside the tunnel entrance. In the soft orange light of the world’s Kclass sun, so much less intense than the artificial light of the headquarters complex, she looked too young to be an army major with degrees in electronics and cybernetic theory.

Then we can be thrown into the action with devastating effect. But even as I reflect on this possibility, I am also reminded of a human phrase which I never expected to be applied to my own computations, but which may well fit the circumstances. html actually be guilty of “wishful thinking”? Hyman Smith-Wentworth, Hand of the New Messiah and Third Commander of the Lord’s Host, stroked his flowing beard thoughtfully as he studied the latest real-time satellite imagery of the mountain line that shielded the infidels entrenched around Denver Prime.

It took longer than putting up a barn and was far larger, though less sturdy. A Bolo doesn’t really need a shelter. This was strictly speaking a matter of surprise. The pirates shouldn’t know that we were any better prepared than we had been three months ago. And Frederick went to work. Almost a week later I came in and asked how it was going. For a week I’d minded my own business and tried to stay out of everything else. I had the trees and the cow and the children to care for and that was enough.

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