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The backstop provides a convenient place to hang a variety of targets, most of which can be made out of paper. Constructing a good backstop that will last for years is often neglected, but it is as important as purchasing the right knives. It requires a certain amount of time, work and money, but every serious practitioner of Ninjitsu should make one. A basic design for a portable/stationary backdrop is given below. 1, throwing knife backstop). 30 NINJA KNIFE THROWING Materials Needed (3) 6'x2"x12" planks of soft pine (3) 6'x2"x4" boards (10) 4" carriage bolts (or use at least twice as many nails for a stationary backstop) 31 NINJA KNIFE THROWING Tools Required Saw Drill with proper bit to make the holes for the bolts Wrench or ratchet to insert and remove bolts (or a hammer to pound in the nails of stationary target) The construction of the backstop is simple and understandable, even from glancing at the diagram.

Such long range throws require exceptional skill, power, and control to make a knife stick at such a distance. 36 37 NINJA KNIFE THROWING The key to such training is practice. Nothing at all will be learned simply by reading about these techniques. A true Ninja must consistently go out three times each week and throw two hundred knives. This training must continue in all kinds of weather conditions for at least one year, or until the basic skills of knife throwing are mastered. 38 SECTION FOUR: Knife Throwing in Combat In actual combat, Ninja throw knives for three primary purposes: To Distract To Wound To Kill There are other secondary and special uses, but these are the three most basic purposes.

The portable backstop is recommended over the stationary kind as it can be disassembled, transported and reassembled elsewhere in minutes. As well as transporting much easier, it can be used inside or outside. When putting the backstop together, make sure that the bolts or nails do not protrude out of the front of the target. This will prevent throwing knives from bending and breaking. If the supporting post will be placed in the ground, either by driving them in or using a posthole digger, cut them to a point and place them two feet into the earth.

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