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By Douglas Niles

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Amid the storm-tossed vastness of the Trackless Sea west of the mainland, a bunch of rocky islands lies uncovered to the whole brunt of iciness gales. those isles -- the Moonshaes - are domestic to a few of the hardiest folks of the Forgotten nation-states.

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All of the cantrevs along this range derive their existence, as does Blackstone, by mining metals from the rich veins among the foothills. Orc and goblin raids are not uncommon, and each cantrev keeps a ready militia of 2d4 x 100 1st-level fighters ready to pick up arms in defense. All of the cantrevs can muster a small militia, generally 200-500 1st-level fighters, with about 25% bearing long bows, and 15% mounted on horses. The army of the High King, and all of the militias from the southern half of the kingdom, is also equipped with a few battle chariots.

An occasional pass crosses the range, and much of the highlands consist of green tundra. A few small cantrevs lie along the southeastern coast of Moray, connected by passes to the rest of the isle. These communities derive a living from the bounty of the sea. The mountains to their backs shelter them from the worst of the winter storms, so the weather here is not as bad as on the rest of the island. However, the threat of marauding orcs, raiding down from the Orcskull Range, is very real. More than one of these communities has been wiped out to the last person by the ravages of the bestial monsters.

Access is granted through three large gates, one atop each of the hills, but the approaches to each gate are securely covered by adjoining walls and towers. Unfortunately, in many places the white stone was stained by soot, for no one seems to make any effort to keep it clean. Cracks and chips had worn into the walls, and several of the highest towers had been deemed too unsafe for use. I was granted access to one of the sturdier towers, and the climb was worth the view, even for these old bones.

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