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By Paul B. Thompson

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A brand new probability looms at the horizon.

The long-awaited finishing touch of Rath is coming near near. The darkish Lord's plans to invade Dominaria will quickly see fruition. basically the fight for energy during this synthetic aircraft continues to be. Urza Planeswalker won't cease the Phyrexian empire.

Witness the production of his nemesis.

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"Breakwater" the basic sequence booklet 2

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Greven laid a hard hand on Ertai's shoulder. "Steer wide of the beam," he said. " Ertai closed his hands to fists and tried to will the invisible stream away from the energy column. The stream was strong, and it liked flowing into the beam. Veins stood out in Ertai's neck as he wrestled with the channeled power. Bend, bend, he thought furiously. Go where I will you! The conjured stream bent to starboard until it was just clear of the energy column. Predator roared past in a full 20 degree dive.

He had seen the full history of Rath, and he realized he was getting the same treatment Volrath had—he was being modified to fill the role of evincar. " Kirril asked him. "Volrath was a fool and a weakling," Crovax replied. " "For suppressing some ragtag elves and whipping moggs, he was fine. The first time a real challenge appeared— Weatherlight—he bungled everything. Worse, he became so out of control he abandoned his post to pursue his private quarrel with Gerrard. " "Never," replied Crovax.

Greven looked back at the hatch where Nasser had disappeared with Ertai. The boy had talent, that was certain. ***** With a clap of thunder, the canyon portal closed. The shock wave blasted down the ravine, hurling him to the ground. This fall, on top of the wounds dealt him by the cat warrior, Mirri, were too much. He tumbled and rolled across the abrasive ground, brush and rock tearing at his already ragged flesh. Weatherlight was gone. He expected to follow it shortly into oblivion. He no longer cared.

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