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As others had before he, she worked to improve the skills of her workers and extend their capacity through adding machines. In this work, she was added by the mathematician Cornelius Lanczos, who had once served as Albert Einstein’s research assistant. Blanch and Lanczos ran a series of classes to train the workers. These classes began with the basic properties of arithmetic and ended with college level course on numerical analysis. (Grier 2005) Even though Blanch moved her office away form crowdsourced management methods during the war, she still occasionally used the methods of crowdsourcing for sensitive or secret calculations.

Current examples share a number of features however, most notably insofar as each supports only a single type of task. The discussion presents the idea of “Cognitive Architectures”—patterns into which individual systems, each performing specific (and potentially mundane) tasks, might be interconnected to collectively create a higher level of cognition. 5 A small but important step in the evolution from current-generation Crowdsourcing to Distributed Thinking would be adoption of a standard means to integrate individual projects (individual functions) into more complex workflows.

Our greatest primary task is to put people to work,” Roosevelt had explained to the nation. He wanted to find jobs for people even if the work was not always profitable. ” (Roosevelt 1933) The Mathematical Tables Project was therefore organized as a work relief effort. It had to be flexible. It had to make use of workers when they were available and be ready to train new workers when they arrived. To do this, it used a two-stage market. It used one market to get workers. That market was run by the Works Progress Administration, the financier of the project.

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