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This can be a dictionary of best quantity trivialities, an eclectic university of miscellaneous evidence. some of these tidbits have deep mathematical value, yet many are uncomplicated observations which require no arithmetic. for instance, in what 12 months did England make it unlawful to detention center a jury for returning the "wrong" selection? What used to be Jenny's cellphone quantity in Tommy Tutone's hit track? what's the optimum variety of votes a candidate bought for the U.S. Presidency whereas incarcerated? different effects are quasi-mathematical, corresponding to these having to do with the form or illustration of a bunch. ponder the major 18181: This quantity is identical forwards, backwards, or even upside down--do you know the way a lot of those primes there are? Can a primary be small or even, and even as, huge and strange? the center of our ebook is the 235-page dictionary of 2151 curios approximately 1095 varied primes recorded dictionary kind as short entries, with over one hundred fifty tables and figures.

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Emmert] The sum of primes up to 13 is equal to the 13th prime. , the sum of the digits of 5/13/2011 equals 13. The next time this will happen in a prime year is 1/13/2141. The smallest prime that can be expressed as the sum of two primes (2 + 11) and two composites (4 + 9) in only one way. [Gupta] Patau syndrome, also known as trisomy 13, is the consequence of a rare chromosomal abnormality. [Smith] A three-digit number abc is divisible by 13 if 13 divides a + 4b + 3c. ) 17 The only prime that is the average of two consecutive Fibonacci numbers.

5! − 4! + 3! − 2! + 1! is prime. U. The first prime overlooked by Mersenne in his erroneous conjectured list of exponents. [Beedassy] r sta Figure 23. Measuring Distance with Trigonometric Parallax In 1838, astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel calculated the large proper motion of 61 Cygni using trigonometric parallax (Figure 23). This was the first star (other than the Sun) to have its distance known from the Earth. [McGown] – 51 – 61 Prime Curios! It is not known whether the double-Mersenne number M M (61) = 61 22 −1 − 1 is prime or composite.

Aso in Kyushu, Japan, which measures 17 miles north to south and 71 miles in circumference. ) The 17-year locust has the longest cycle of development of any known insect. Note that its Latin name (Cicada septemdecim) has 17 letters. The genus Magicicada is sometimes called the “seventeen-year locust,” but they are not locusts; locusts belong to the order Orthoptera. [Dillon] Moderately active people can estimate their daily calorie requirement by multiplying their weight in pounds by 17. [Pierson] – 22 – Prime Curios!

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