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M. Bakhtin (1981) has written of language, “not as a system of abstract grammatical categories, but rather . . as . . ideologically saturated . . as a world view” (271). Readers and writers are invited to define themselves through the writing systems they use, by the reading and writing practices attached to these systems, and by the values these practices express. indb 38 Chapter 2 4/18/07 9:13:23 AM way does a writing system impose what Burke (1966) has called a “terministic screen,” or a selection of reality that deflects competing or opposing versions of reality.

Transport planes. indb 33 33 4/18/07 9:13:04 AM low Vang Pao out of the country, crossing the Mekong and taking refuge in Thailand. Those who stayed behind, especially Hmong and ethnic Laotians who had allied with the United States, were sent to “re-education camps,” where many reportedly died of starvation and sickness. Touby Lyfoung, the Hmong leader and former protégé of the French, is said to have died of malaria at a re-education camp in Sam Neua. Thousands of Hmong attempted to flee the country.

Faydang responded by organizing the Meo Resistance League, one of the first Hmong nationalist movements, and by making contact with Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Minh, who were fighting against the restoration of French colonialism in Vietnam (Lee 1982). Faydang would eventually serve as vice president of the nationalist Neo Lao Hak Sat (Lao Patriotic Front) and as the highest-ranking Hmong in the government of the communist Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Chan 1994, 11; Lee 1982, 202). Gary Yia Lee (1982, 201–202) has written that the split between the Ly and Lo clans—between what would later be thought of as the “CIA Army” and the “communist” Hmong—was less about ideology than about personal rivalries and grievances that predated the arrival of the French.

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