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At any time during the adventure, the PC may be asked to find components for spells, potions, or magical items. The request could come from Kitta Doroff, Vel Marka, or Dar Malson. Alternately, if the PC finds a new spell, the components may not be in stock at Vel Marka’s shop. In any case, the PC might be motivated to hunt components. Adventures might involve negotiation of trade, hunting, or making various components. Easy places to begin a search are the alchemist, Vel Marka’s shop, any of the wizards, or local craftsmen.

Solidification takes one round in darkness or 2d4 rounds in bright light (such as daylight or a continual light spell). In both noncorporeal and solid forms, the wizard is AC 0. When spectral wizards are created, they are permanently drained of l d 4 levels and will forever cast spells at this new level. Spectral wizards who operate at level 5 and above are considered high level when rewarding experience points. Material components carried on the spectral wizard’s person become insubstantial and resolidify when it does.

One silver ring glows very brightly. Jason would like the PC to determine the nature of its magic and whether any of the other items are magical. A continual light spell was cast on the ring, but it is otherwise nonmagical. Jason will be disappointed when he learns that the treasure is mostly worthless; he was hoping to help his mother financially. Other requests for spells might include mending for a broken heirloom, sleep for an insomniac, or any other spells that seem appropriate. Magical Research While not an adventure in the usual sense, magical research is an opportunity for the PC to gain experience.

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